Sunday special yin&yang 

con: Camilla Mongini 

Two Sundays per month
From 10am to 12am

Yin yoga is a very relaxing practice, accessible to all practitioners, even complete beginners. It’s based on knowledge from Traditional Chinese Medicine and it works with postures that are kept for few minutes each, while working with your breath, in order to feel a deeper passive stretch. Yin is a passive practice, linked to our more feminine side.

We will balance this energy with a yang practice as well, with more active postures and a dynamic flow. This way, your body will get stronger and warmer first, before yielding to the deep yin stretches. Moreover, we will integrate the physical practice with meditations, chants and other aspects of the yoga practice. This Sunday long practice is a gift to yourself, a frozen moment in time to take care of your body, mind and spirit.

Informazioni aggiuntive sui docenti

Camilla Mongini 

Animo creativo e nomade, arriva a Trieste nel 2022 dopo avere viaggiato ed insegnato in vari paesi. Proveniente dal mondo dell’arte e della cultura, Il…


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